2 free easy way to make money without website

Make some extra money through the internet is more and more popular now. For example, if you have a website, you can add some Google Adsense ads on your site, if your visitors click on the ads or have further action, Google will pay for you. It’s very popular for webmaster  to make extra money. And you can also promote products of Amazon, you can add some niche products which are related to your website, if someone buy the products from your site, you will get money form Amazon. InstantAzon is absolutely a good tool for building such a Amazon-promoting website. Of course, you need to build websites using the 2 approaches above.

In this article, I want to introduce two ways  to make money without websites and they are also very easy. Let’s go.

1. shorte.st

What’s this all about? It’s easy! You need only 3 steps to make money!

(1) Sign Up here. It’s very easy to join this web. If you have an Email, you can join it in a few seconds.

(2) Shortening a link: On the home page or on any other subpage of the shorte.st,  you will see their mighty link shortener. – yes that’s the long , green box. Simply paste or type your loooong link and click “shorten”. Now you can copy your short link or shorten another link. All your links are available in “statistics”

(3) Sharing your link. Sharing your shortened links! When logged in, go to the “statistics” page. On the right of each short link – you will find 3 buttons for a quick share. Click one of them – Facebook for example, write a short comment, share it and watch the money flowing in!

That’s all! When your friends or other visitors to your shorten links, you will make money! How much will you earn? Let’s watch the following picture.


That’s how much you will earn per 1000 views. Amazing!


2. AdFly.

This is similar with the first one. And the steps are also similar. But the payout per 1000 views are different, this one is less than the first one. Please look at the following picture.


That’s how much you will earn per 1000 views. Amazing!

How to promote these shorten links? I think one can mainly use the social media. Such as:





and so on…

People view your shorten links, you earn.




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