8 FREE Affiliate Marketing Tools That Really Works!

1. Google Keyword Tool This is the best keyword tool, not one of. Sign up for Google Adwords and use the keyword planner to find great keywords  for your content, titles, descriptions and niche.

2.Content Idea Generator.Answer 18 simple questions about your products and services, and then in less than one second the Content Idea Generator will generate literally hundreds of great ideas for blog posts, articles, tweets, white-papers and e-books, videos, podcasts, press releases… and just about any other kind of content that will attract more visitors to your website and get more enquiries about your products and services.

3.Bitly. Shorten, track and optimize your links. You even can create your own brand. You can know where the links are clicked from. Very great free tool to use.

4.SharedCount. You can track URL shares, likes, tweets and more. Easy to use.

5.Google analytics. The best one to analyze your sites traffic,not one of.

6.WordPress. Free to build website with it. It’s used by many and many users around the world.

7.Dreamstime.com. Provides free high quality images to use for your blogs or websites. Images are HD in 300 dpi.

8.Cooltext. You can design your own logo here. Great to use.

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